About Body Food Products

 Are Body Food products organic? Each individual product description and label will indicate which ingredients are organic. Most of our products are anywhere from 33% to 75% organic. But let's talk 'organic' for a moment - With regards to coconut oil, for example, the term 'organic' is a bit of a misnomer. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not used in the farming of coconut trees. They are simply not necessary as the fruit is well protected and grows natively. There is also no such thing as a GMO coconut. So it's essentially all organic. Many consumers don't know this and pay exorbitant amounts for 'organic' coconut oil. Unfortunately organic or not can sometimes just be the difference between paying for an expensive USDA certification, which for some companies is not feasible. We do use organic whenever possible, but at Body Food, we want to offer not only healthy, healing alternatives to commercial brands, but also products that are affordable to the everyday consumer, rather than a luxury item only a few can splurge on. Maintaining the integrity and therapeutic qualities of the ingredients in Body Food products and making them affordable and available to everyone are our number one priorities. 

Isn't baking soda too abrasive for daily use in toothpaste? Contrary to popular belief, baking soda is one of the mildest abrasives there is. In fact, the Relative Dentin Abrasivity (or RDA) of baking soda doesn't hold a candle to that of commercial toothpastes. Check out the info at lincolndentalcare.com about abrasiveness of baking soda as compared to your favorite brand name toothpastes. It may surprise you!! 

Why is there Stevia in the toothpaste? Aren't sweeteners bad for my teeth? Sweet it is, in fact, Stevia Powder is 300-500 times sweeter than Cane sugar. But sugar it is not!! And it is actually GREAT for oral care! Stevia boasts some dental benefits that may surprise you. It actually inhibits the growth of Streptococcus mutans, the bacteria responsible for forming dental plaque in the mouth! Choosing this all natural plant extract over sugar reduces your risk for cavities every time. It has some other amazing remedial applications from heartburn to osteoporosis.

What does the toothpaste taste and feel like? The toothpaste is a perfect balance of salty sweetness. It's a very pleasant taste and texture. It's thick and creamy, like commercial toothpaste. It will soften in warmer temperatures but will not turn to liquid unless exposed to extremely hot temperatures due to the proprietary blend of ingredients.

Will the Coconut Oil Toothpaste clog my drain? Yes it very well could! We recommend spitting it in the trash (or toilet) or at the very least washing it down the drain with hot water. A small inconvenience for a MUCH healthier mouth!

What does the fragrance free body butter smell like? The fragrance free product takes on the smell of the primary ingredient, Shea Butter. Shea Butter has sort of a nutty, woodsy smell to it. Some people find this pleasant and others do not. This body butter is a great choice to add your own essential oils into for a customized experience. Alternatively, we have the ´╗┐pure extract scented body butters if your looking for a scented product.

Why don't you use essential oils in the products? With the exception of our Castile liquid and bar soap blends, there are no essential oils in our products, and very deliberately so. While amazingly therapeutic and effective, essential oils are not benign and should not be treated as such. In many licensed aromatherapist's opinion, essential oils should never be used on children under 6. We want our products to be safe for the entire family, even small children and infants. We encourage oil lovers to add their own into any of our body butters, skin serums, deodorants, or any other product of their choosing. 

Will the body butter or deodorant melt if it gets too hot? Even with no emulsifiers or preservatives, our proprietary blend of ingredients results in a fairly stable product, even in warmer than 'room temperature' environments. That being said, they will soften or melt if left in a HOT environment or in direct sunlight. The Coconut Dream body butter is specifically susceptible to softening/melting at warmer temperatures due to the higher percentage of unrefined coconut oil used. You could also invest in a Cool-it Caddy found here for those hot days you're outdoors.

What should I do if my body butter or deodorant melts? If you simply allow it to come back to room temperature, it should revert back to its original state more or less. We don't recommend trying to speed up the process by refrigerating it. If it's melted to a liquid state, this will cool it too quickly, changing the consistency. 

How do you maintain the integrity of Body Food products with shipping in hot weather? We ship 2 day priority mail and include one or more cold packs in every shipment so your products arrive fresh. 

Isn't Castile liquid soap too harsh? Castile liquid soap, like anything, comes in all shapes and sizes. We get our Castile from a distributor that prides themselves on the quality of their product, engineered specifically towards the most sensitive of skin types. With that said, we also like to add in our own additional ingredients, like Olive Oil and Aloe Vera in the face wash, to make it that much more soothing, moisturizing, and gentle on the skin.

I have acne prone skin. Should I use a face wash with Olive Oil in it? Yes! Little known fact - Olive Oil is great for acne prone skin! That is specifically why it is in the face wash! Olive Oil has anti-oxident, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties making it a great choice for soothing and healing problem skin.

What does the 'Body Food body butter' ingredient listing refer to in the deodorant recipe? The base ingredient in the deodorants is one of the extract scented citrus body butters, or in the case of the sensitive skin Bentonite recipe, the fragrance free body butter.

What does the Sensitive Skin Clay Deodorant smell like? The Bentonite Clay Deodorant smells much as you would imagine, like clay. It's a very earthy smell, not overwhelming. We want this to be the most benign product for the most sensitive of skin types, but if you would like a scent, we encourage you to add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil(s) for a customized experience!

Does the deodorant really work? Yes! But not the same way shoving aluminum (metal) containing commercial antiperspirant/deodorant in your armpits does. First and foremost all natural deodorant is just that, a deodorant, not an antiperspirant. However, the arrowroot powder and baking soda (or in the case of the sensitive skin recipe, the Bentonite Clay) help with odor and moisture absorption both. All natural deodorant is about more than finding a substitute for commercial, chemical filled deodorants and antiperspirants that works exactly the same, because you never will. It is about making a commitment to yourself to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals you are exposing yourself to daily. You don't need to quit cold turkey, harm reduction is the goal. If you feel like putting on 'regular' deodorant/antiperspirant occasionally, do. But try to wean yourself from daily use. All the deodorants come with a 1/2 oz. Travel Pal to take on the go so you can reapply if you feel like you need to.  

After applying the regular strength citrus deodorant, my pits are red and irritated? Many retailers of all natural deodorant products will tout that this is a 'detoxification' process in your body. Not true. This is simply due to the fact that baking soda is a salt and can irritate your skin, especially after shaving. But boy oh boy does it do a great job protecting against odor and moisture! This is why it is in pretty much every all natural deodorant product. Our deodorant doesn't have a huge amount of baking soda in it but it may be enough to irritate your skin if you are super sensitive or directly after shaving. We do not recommend applying the regular strength citrus deodorants directly after shaving for ANYONE actually. Instead we recommend shaving at night, or using our Unscented, Baking Soda Free Clay Deodorant for Sensitive Skin. Red and irritated pits will resolve on there own in a day or so. Try applying any one of our body butters to sooth and speed up the process.  

How will my hair feel after using the Coconut Oil Shampoo? The Coconut Oil Shampoo is a great alternative to chemical filled shampoos for any hair type. It will make your hair feel clean and soft. It is nutrient rich and will not strip the hair. For excessively oily or dirty hair we recommend doing a repeat lather and rinse. Follow up with the Coconut Vinegar Conditioning Rinse for best results.  

Does the Coconut Oil Shampoo produce a good lather? Yes! Surprisingly for an all natural shampoo, there is no shortage on lather! Even though the product itself is thinner due to having no chemical thickening additives (which is why we recommend applying directly to the head rather than pouring into your hand), the lather is rich, full, and silky. If you don't feel you are producing enough lather or have extremely long hair, just add more product until you have achieved the desired amount. 

Is the Coconut Oil Shampoo good for kids? Yes! It is a safe, all natural alternative to chemical laden commercial shampoo for everyone! We even recommend trying it out on your furry family members. Note: This is not a tear free product so take appropriate precautions on use with young children. 

What does the Coconut Vinegar Rinse smell like? Coconut Vinegar does smell like a vinegar, although not as strong as Apple Cider or White Vinegar. The Mango Extract in this rinse counteracts the smell of the Coconut Vinegar for the most part and the end result is a pleasant, non overwhelming scent that rinses out completely. 

Will the Coconut Vinegar Rinse make my hair smooth and tangle free like regular conditioner? The Slippery Elm Bark Powder in the conditioning rinse is very high in something called mucilage. Mucilage is a naturally occurring slippery substance in nature. It will provide conditioning and detangling for the hair as well as any commercial conditioner minus the chemicals! Some people prefer to strain out the thicker mucilage in conditioning rinses made with these types of root powders resulting in a thinner rinse, but we leave it in for a thicker, more effective product. But watch out! It's slippery! We recommend applying directly to the head and massaging in right away so it doesn't end up down the drain!